Sunday, 31 July 2016

Difference B/W Google Analytic and Webmaster Tools

There are major difference between Google Analytic and Webmaster, which is generally asked by interviewer when you go for an interview. Both have different task and having few similarity.
 “What’s the difference between Google Analytic and Google Webmaster Tools?”
As a business owner you may not be 100% clear on the differences between the two and how they both benefit your business.
As a result, you’re losing out on a ton of great information you can leverage to get more traffic and make more sales from your website.
Google AnalyticGoogle Analytic gives you the following information:
1. Web-traffic: The amount of people visiting your site on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. You can also compare your traffic stats to previous years.
2. Visitors:
·        The amount of website visitors that are new vs. returning.
·        The length of time your visitors spend on your site.
·        The amount of pages your visitors view.
·        The amount of visitors who landed on your site and left immediately.
·        What Geographic location they arrived from.
·        The websites that referred visitors to your site.
·        What is the bounce and exit rate of your website.
3. Keywords:
·        The top keywords bringing traffic to your website.
·        The keywords producing the most sales.
·        The keywords keeping your visitors on your site the longest.
·        The keywords people type to find your site and cause them to leave right away.
4. Content:
·        The web pages your visitors view most often.
·        The pages bringing you the most traffic.
·        The pages your visitors most often leave your site.
5. Conversions: The conversion rates for the goals & funnel you set on your site.
If the goal for your site is lead generation, how many of your total visitors are giving you their information in exchange for your lead magnet?
If your goal is to sell products, how many people buy when they land on your sales page?
If your goal is that a visitor have spent more time on your website or event tracking then you can also do the same.
Google Webmaster Tools: Google Webmaster Tools reveals how Google sees your site online. You can use this information to fix problems with your site and improve your sites visibility with Google and your buyers. Below you’ll find just some of the information you can get from Google Webmaster Tools.
1. Crawling Errors: Google Webmaster Tools shows you the pages on your site where Google is unable to crawl. The most important aspect of SEO is crawler accessibility. If Google can not crawl your website you can forget about top rankings.
2. Search Queries: This is information on your pages Google has returned to searchers for specific queries.
You can also find information about pages on your website that were shown to searchers most often. This is one of the most important and under utilized tools.
Here you’ll be able to get information on things like:
·        The total number of search queries that returned pages from your site.
·        Your top search queries that returned pages in Google.
·        The number or times your pages were viewed in Google’s search results.
·        The number of times your listings were clicked on for a particular search query.
·        The percentage of times your listing was clicked for a particular search query.
·        The average position of your website for a particular search query.
3. Links: The amount of links coming into your site from other websites.
4. Malware: Google Webmaster Tools will notify you if your site becomes infected with malware.  Google can block your site if it becomes infected. If this happens, you’ll need to have your site cleaned and resubmitted to Google for their approval. The way you do this is through Google webmaster tools.
5. Upload Robots & Sitemap – you can upload XML sitemap can also see the robots functioning.
6. HTML errors-Google will notify you if they find any HTML errors on your site.
To summarize the differences between Google Analytic and Google Webmaster Tools:
·        Google analytic is basically a website statistics tool showing you how and how many people visit your site.
·        Google Webmaster tool shows you how Google sees your site from a search engine perspective.


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