Saturday, 5 March 2016

Google AdSence Training Modules

Google AdSense Program
Google AdSense Training Syllabus

1) Google AdSense Basics.

2) Click Through Rate (CTR).

3) ePCM

4) High Paying Keywords.

5) AdSense Setup & Placement.

6) Income Tips

7) AdSense Reports.

Get Started-------------------------------------

Interested in AdSense
Sign-up & Approvals
Getting started with interface
AdSense Academy
What's new in AdSense?

Account Management------------------------------

Account Setting
Address (PIN) verification
User Mgt
Site Mgt
Managing Website
Privacy & Security

Manage Ads--------------------------------------

Manage Ads FAQ
How Ad Works
Ad code implementation
Customize your Ads
Allow and block ads
Products & partnership


Payment FAq
Payment Process
Payment thresholds
Form of payment
Payment details & Verifications
Tax information

Optimization Tips---------------------------------

AdSense optimization overview
Multi-screen guideline
User experience guideline
Optimization Tips
Success Stories


AdSense Policy Faq
Program Policies
Content Policies
Ad implementation Policies
Ads or account disabled
Clicks & Impression
Report or appeal a violation Policy refresher


Reporting Faq
Home page reports: Understand your earnings
Performance reports
Reporting currencies
Google Publishers Toolbar
Using Google Analytics with AdSense
Glossary of reports term

Troubleshoot and resolve common issues----------------

Report or appeal a policy violation
Troubleshooting disapproved applications
Login issues
Collecting a final payment
Troubleshooting application issues